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Big role for private investment

China's private capital will play a major role in the country's fixed-asset investment over the next eight years.

7.6M disabled get rehabilitation services

About 7.6 million disabled people received rehabilitation services in China in 2012, according to a statistical bulletin released by the China Disabled Persons' Federation.

Sci-tech, talents stressed for military

A senior Chinese military official has urged that more talents be fostered and scientific research deepened in the military field.

Tencent CEO: Wechat will remain free

Tencent's president Liu Chiping that the company's Wechat software will remain free to use in response to complaints from netizens regarding the possibility of being charged for using the chat application.

NW China explores urbanization innovation

A newly developed area in Northwest China's Shaanxi province has vowed to develop modern ecological cities to help pave the way for its own urbanization efforts.

Stitches in time

Her art form has long been celebrated as a distinctly American, but Mississippi quilter Martha Ginn found an eager audience for her craft when she arrived in China late last month.

Boao full of promise for future growth in Hainan

Development of the Hainan International Tourist Destination has moved onto the fast track, Executive Deputy Governor Tan Li of Hainan province announced here on Saturday.

Government debt level not 'very dangerous'

The debt by different levels of Chinese government cannot be regarded as "very dangerous.

Small, micro firms hungry for long-term loans

China's small and micro enterprises are still struggling with lackluster business, and most badly need long-term rather than short-term loans, said a report based on a survey released on Saturday at the Boao Forum for Asia.

China approves anti-flu drug with H7N9 potential

China has approved a new type of flu drug that it believes may be effective in treating H7N9 bird flu virus.