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Inmates take new ways to get relieved

The Chuanxi Prison opened an 891-square-meter psychological guidance center, which includes 16 function rooms such as venting room, consultation room, in a bid to lift the spirits of inmates.

Beijing to re-sort buried waste: report

Beijing is planning to re-sort and re-burn buried rubbish in a bid to extend the usage time of refuse landfills, the Beijing News reported on Tuesday.

Dining giants transform amid frugality campaign

Beijing Xiangeqing Co. Ltd., a renowned Chinese restaurant company, will restructure its business by refocusing its customer base after being hit hard by the government's frugality campaign

Violators of smoke-free zones could face fines

People who light up in smoke-free zones in Shenzhen could face up to 500 yuan ($81) in fines, according to the draft of a newly revised regulation on the city's smoking ban, Guangzhou Daily reported on Monday.

Beijing to crack down on jaywalking

Pedestrians who are caught running a red light will soon be fined 10 yuan ($1.61) in Beijing, Beijing Times reported Monday, citing the Beijing Traffic Management Bureau.

Beijing plans to burn waste from landfills

Beijing plans to excavate waste buried in landfills, and to sort and incinerate it starting in 2015, in order to improve the sustainability of landfills, officials said at a conference held on Monday.

Vice-premier stresses H7N9 treatment, prevention

Chinese Vice-Premier Liu Yandong has called for further efforts both in preventing the spread of H7N9 infections and the treatment of patients after visiting the country's disease control center.

Devoted to a life defending nation

Soldiers on the frontier island of Zhongjian talk of their dedication.

Unlicensed helpers lending a hand

High cost of trained nurses makes hospitals turn to nonprofessionals.

Bird flu can be contained, say national officials

Chinese officials expressed confidence in curbing the H7N9 strain of bird flu.