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China's metallurgical industry to become cleaner

Shanxi Taihang Mining Co. Ltd. will become China's first company to use coke oven gas as an alternative to natural gas to get reduced iron in industrial production.

Beijing's Wonderland amusement park demolished

Most of the unfinished Wonderland Amusement Park in Beijing's Changping district has been demolished after 15 years of abandonment.

Vision of care for village children

China Daily and Jia Yue Eye Surgery Centre joined hands to offer free examinations to children at the Beijing Sun Village on May 11.

Agri-business forum opens in Beijing

In order to keep pace with the rapid development of modern agriculture, it's imperative for China to build robust systems for production management, and food safety.

Plastic-waste smuggling case cracked

Hangzhou Customs announced on May 13 that it has cracked a case involving smuggled plastic waste worth 334 million yuan ($54.3 million), in Shaoxing of East China's Zhejiang province.

Mo Yan heads alma mater's writing center

Nobel Prize winner Mo Yan said on Monday he would encourage college students to engage in creating literature on campus.

Smart disaster alert for phones in capital

Beijing municipal government has launched a disaster alert app for smartphones, which will inform users of disasters and public emergencies within two minutes.

Devastated city recovers 5 years after quake

An industrial city that was hit hard by the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake is depending on the new energy industry to support its reconstruction.

Music will give silent films a message

A series of silent films, with an electronic music backdrop from a group of international musicians, will be brought to screens in Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou from May 12 to 19.

Deputy head of NDRC probed

Liu Tienan, deputy director of China's top economic planner, is under probe for suspected "grave discipline violations", as new leaders vow to tackle corruption.