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China urges zero pollution in marine projects

The State Oceanic Administration (SOA) said on Thursday that coastal districts that intend to launch new projects should ensure that no additional pollution is caused by the developments.

Taiwan set to greenlight mainland organization offices

A draft rule passed by Taiwan's executive body on Thursday has taken the Chinese mainland's authorized organization for handling cross-Strait affairs a step closer to being allowed to set up offices on the island.

China's railway infrastructure investment up

China's investment in railway infrastructure increased 28 percent to 54.51 billion yuan (8.65 billion US dollars) in the first three months of 2013.

Surging new loans may prompt credit tightening

China's new yuan loans bettered estimates and jumped to 1.06 trillion yuan (171 billion US dollars) in March, and analysts predict the country's central bank will soon tighten credit.

Du Jiahao appointed acting governor of Hunan

Du Jiahao was appointed acting governor of central China's Hunan province on Thursday.

Beijing court sets up division for minor cases

The Beijing High People’s Court on Thursday set up an adjudication division especially to deal with cases involving minors, aiming to provide more professional trials and better protection for juveniles.

Standard on plasticizers to be issued soon

A national standard on plasticizer levels in liquor could be implemented in the next two months, after the industry was hit by several scandals since last year, according to China Central Television news’ account on micro blog site Weibo.

China to tighten rules on heavy trucks

The Ministry of Public Security will launch a campaign this month to curb the illegal behavior of truck drivers on expressways, the ministry said on Wednesday.

Railway authorities to be overhauled

Railway authorities across China will be overhauled with the establishment of seven regional supervision and management bureaus, Chinese media reported on Thursday.

Xi calls for strengthened navy

President Xi Jinping has urged the Navy to strengthen itself and integrate individual soldiers' aspirations into national hopes of reinforcing the military.