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Beijing confirms taxi fares to rise

Taxi fares in China's capital will rise but by how much has not been officially confirmed yet, Beijing News reported Friday.

Shanghai women enjoy most privileges: survey

Women in Shanghai may enjoy the most privileges among their national counterparts, a new survey has found.

Crammed capital adds 136,000 parking spaces

Beijing plans to add 135,805 parking spaces in 16 districts and counties, as well as the Yizhuang Development Zone, Beijing Times reported Thursday citing the Beijing Municipal Commission.

Chief justice calls for bravery in judicial reform

China's newly-elected chief justice has called for bravery in pushing for judical reform by local courts.

ID cards needed to buy telephone service

China plans to ask people to present their ID cards when they apply for fixed-line telephone services or buy wireless Internet cards.

New housing rules planned for migrants

Detailed rules for migrant workers who want to apply for government-subsidized houses in cities will be released in eight months.

New project set to combat virus

China has announced a new project to fight the H7N9 virus, and plan to develop a vaccine within seven months.

Authority clamps down on pollution

China's ocean watchdog vowed to ban offshore projects that cause marine pollution.

Transplant system will 'ensure fair allocation'

The top health authority is set to issue a regulation ordering mandatory use of a computerized organ allocation system by hospitals.

Xi visits fleet, praises Sanya sailors

President Xi Jinping inspected troops from the South Sea Fleet of the People's Liberation Army navy in Sanya, Hainan province, on Tuesday morning.