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China sends relief aid to flood-hit Thailand

The Chinese government has offered 10 million yuan (about $ 1.6 million) in disaster relief materials to flood-stricken Thailand, the Ministry of Commerce announced Wednesday.

China-Vietnam agreement good for maritime talks

China on Wednesday said a recent agreement with Vietnam will guide the settlement of maritime issues between the two countries.

China, Russia pledge closer cooperation

China and Russia pledged Wednesday to boost their cooperation when handling international affairs on the world stage.

Hu meets Putin on bilateral ties

President Hu Jintao met Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin Wednesday in Beijing to exchange views on the development of the strategic relations of cooperation and partnership between China and Russia.

Putin says Sino-Russian ties at all-time high

Visiting Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said  Tuesday that the Sino-Russian relationship is at an all-time high.

Old political games unhelpful to cure US maladies

The US Senate, in callous disregard of Beijing's strong opposition, passed a bill on Tuesday to press China to appreciate its currency, throwing bilateral trade into potential jeopardy.

Chinese humanitarian aid arrives in Tripoli

A batch of emergency humanitarian relief materials provided by the Chinese government landed in Tripoli Tuesday.

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