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New FM vows to work for harmonious world

Newly appointed Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Sunday that China will assume its due responsibility and make unremitted efforts to build a harmonious world of sustained peace and common prosperity.

Top European politician calls for closer ties

A leading European politician has called for greater cooperation between Beijing and Brussels.

Foreign leaders congratulate Xi as new president

More foreign leaders sent congratulatory messages Sunday to Xi Jinping on his election as the new Chinese president.

'Chinese dream' carries global significance

The annual session of China's National People's Congress (NPC) concluded Sunday with a promise of "Chinese dream" for the country's 1.3 billion people.

Li reaffirms road of peaceful development

Premier Li Keqiang said Sunday that China is committed to maintaining peace and stability in the Asian-Pacific region and the whole world, pledging stronger ties with major powers, including the US and Russia.

Premier Li stresses reform, opening up

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said Sunday that China's reform and opening-up drive has changed the life of many Chinese, including himself.

Li rejects hacker accusation

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Sunday rejected the accusation of hacker attacks against the United States, calling it "presumption of guilt."

English dropped from top Chinese university exams

China's top universities began their annual independent recruitment exams on Saturday, with English no longer included among the exams' compulsory subjects

From Harvard to realizing the 'Chinese dream'

While many Chinese head overseas in search of a dream, some aim to bring talent into China, whether they are returning Chinese expatriates or foreign professionals.

Veteran diplomats new faces of diplomacy

A former ambassador to Japan was named China's new foreign minister yesterday, while incumbent Yang Jiechi, 63, has been promoted to state councilor responsible for foreign policy.