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Xi attends BRICS Leaders-Africa Dialogue Forum

Chinese President Xi Jinping and leaders of the other major emerging economies met a group of African leaders in Durban, South Africa, Wednesday to discuss cooperation between the BRICS nations and Africa.

Meeting should boost relationships

As incomes in emerging markets increase, Africans stand to benefit greatly from the continent's membership in the BRICS group, a financial analyst said.

BRICS to formally discuss founding development bank

The BRICS nations have agreed to enter into negotiations on the establishment of a development bank to finance infrastructural development in their countries, South African President Jacob Zuma announced on Wednesday.

Chinese president attends BRICS summit

President Xi Jinping and leaders of four other major emerging economies gathered here on Wednesday for the fifth BRICS summit to promote cooperation.
BRICS to discuss founding development bank
 BRICS summit kicks off in Durban BRICS nations to establish development bank Xi sets out vision for bilateral ties Special

Combatant ships patrol China's southernmost point

Combatant ships from the South Sea Fleet of the People’s Liberation Army navy that are conducting a training mission patrolled on Tuesday the shoal of Zengmu Ansha, the southernmost point of China’s territory.

Xi attends breakfast meeting with BRICS leaders

Chinese President Xi Jinping attended here Wednesday a breakfast meeting between political and business leaders of BRICS.

Xi sets out vision for ties

China would like to forge relations with South Africa based on the model of cooperation between major developing economies, President Xi Jinping said during a state visit to South Africa.
BRICS nations to establish development bank
BRICS summit kicks off in Durban
African exploitation claims unfoundedSpecial

Western countries' African exploitation claims unfounded

Western media neglect to acknowledge the high-risk, low-profit investments that have addressed the needs of Africans. Western countries also fail to realize that they benefit from Chinese investment in Africa.

Chinese ships return after S China Sea patrols

Two Chinese marine surveillance ships returned to south China's city of Guangzhou on Tuesday after finishing patrols in the South China Sea, the State Oceanic Administration said.

'Firing at Vietnamese boat' fabricated

Chinese navy said on Tuesday the so-called Chinese navy vessel having fired on Vietnamese fishing boats in waters off the Xisha Islands was a sheer fabrication.