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Taiwan asks Philippine response in 72 hours

Taiwan's leader Ma Ying-jeou vowed to give the Philippines 72 hours to respond to demands regarding the shooting death of a Taiwan fisherman at sea, or Taiwan will take actions to retaliate.

China aims for simpler forex regulations

China will simplify regulations on foreign exchange management to create a more convenient investment environment for foreign investors.

China, Vietnam pledge closer bilateral ties

The sixth meeting of the China-Vietnam steering committee on cooperation was held in Beijing on Saturday, with the two sides agreeing to further advance bilateral ties.

Taipei suspends city exchanges with Philippines

Taipei mayor Hau Lung-bin announced on Saturday the suspension of inter-city exchanges with the Philippines after a Taiwanese fisherman was shot dead by Philippine coast guards at sea.

China, Argentina vow to enhance ties

Visiting Chinese Vice-President Li Yuanchao met Julian Dominguez, president of the Argentine Chamber of Deputies, on ways to advance bilateral ties.

China calls for global efforts to fight terrorism

A senior Chinese diplomat on Friday reiterated China's firm rejection of terrorism, and called on the international community to continue to cooperate with the UN Security Council to fight terrorism.

China rejects US claims of 'cyber attacks'

The war of words over cyber attacks escalated this week with an official Chinese newspaper branding the US "the real hacking empire".

Li meets Vietnamese deputy prime minister

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Friday met with Deputy Prime Minister of Vietnam Nguyen Thien Nhan.

PM touts benefits of Sino-Indian trust

Friendly cooperation is central to Sino-Indian relations, and common interests outweigh differences, Premier Li Keqiang said on Friday.

China trades more with emerging economies

China saw fast increases in foreign trade with emerging economies and developing countries last year, shaping a better world trade layout.