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Chinese doctors help and learn in Africa

During the past 50 years, China has sent more than 17,000 medical workers to 48 countries in Africa, treating nearly 200 million people on the continent, statistics from the commission showed.

Xi hails China-Congo ties as 'model of cooperation'

President Xi arrived in the Republic of Congo on Friday, making the first state visit to the country by a Chinese president since diplomatic relations were established.
China will be Africa's all-weather friend: Xi
China, Congo leaders discuss co-op
Xi charts fresh era for Africa relationsSpecial

Ministry rebukes Japan's claims

There are "ulterior motives" behind Japan continually hyping the "threat" of a rising China, the Foreign Ministry said on Friday.

China hopes for prosperous Africa

After being appointed China's Representative on African Affairs in February 2012, Zhong Jianhua, a former Chinese ambassador to South Africa, flew to the continent almost constantly.

China, Congo leaders discuss co-op

Visiting Chinese President Xi Jinping met here Friday with President Denis Sassou Nguesso of the Republic of Congo for talks on expanding cooperation between the two countries.

More foreign leaders congratulate Li's endorsement

More foreign leaders have sent congratulations to Li Keqiang on his endorsement as Chinese premier at an annual session of the National People's Congress (NPC) in Beijing in mid-March.

Chinese fleet heads for training in W Pacific

A People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy fleet that has conducted patrols and training missions on the South China Sea for the past 11 days is now heading toward the western Pacific Ocean.

Public diplomacy adds soft touch for China

Chinese President Xi Jinping's wife has received increasing attention for not only her attire, but also her good-will activities during the presidential visit to four nations, a soft-toned diplomatic gesture to boost China's image.

China urges Japan to keep commitments Shrine

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Friday that China urges Japan to keep its commitments regarding its invasion history and win international trust through concrete efforts.

Xi arrives in Brazzaville for state visit

Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Brazzaville Friday for a state visit to the Republic of the Congo, the last leg of his first trip abroad after he took office as China's new president earlier this month.