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Follow your heart to discover the world

For many it could be a moment of worry, alone in a foreign land, but for 27-year-old Yuan Tian it was another part of a great adventure that took her deep into the culture of the African country.

China urges stronger China-US dialogue

Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi stressed Thursday that China and the United States should enhance dialogue, mutual trust and cooperation and work together to build a cooperative partnership and explore a new type of inter-power relationship.

China-US mutual trust grows despite gaps: new envoy

There is growing mutual trust between China and the United States, and China is firmly committed to seeking a new type of inter-power relationship.

Top US experts to visit China

A group of leading experts from the Washington-based PIIE are scheduled to visit China later this month to attend a high-level symposium and conduct discussions on various economic and trade topics with Chinese policymakers and economists.

More flights to link Pyongyang, Yanbian

Tourism authorities in China's northeastern Yanbian, a Korean autonomous prefecture, said on Wednesday that more charter flights will be run between the prefecture and Pyongyang.

'Short-term concentrated capital outflows' predicted

Several factors will increase the volatility of capital flows across China's borders and "short-term concentrated capital outflows" cannot be ruled out.

China, Russia, Pakistan hold talks on Afghanistan issue

Diplomats from China, Russia and Pakistan held talks on the Afghanistan issue in Beijing, according to a written statement from the Foreign Ministry.

Navy fleet returns home from West Pacific drill

A People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy fleet returned to its base in South China's Hainan province after completing a 16-day drill Wednesday morning.

China, US to deepen military ties

Chinese Defense Minister Chang Wanquan and US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel vowed on Wednesday to advance military ties between their countries.

'Radical sentiment' threatens ties

Public opinion in China and Japan should not be held hostage to radical sentiments, veteran politicians and think tank members said on Tuesday.