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Xi extends condolences for Thatcher's death

Chinese President Xi Jinping extended condolences Wednesday to Queen Elizabeth II over the death of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Japan-Taiwan fishery deal raises 'concern'

The Chinese Foreign Ministry expressed "concern" over a fishery pact signed by Japan and Taiwan regarding operations near the Diaoyu Islands.

Expats prefer Beijing, Shanghai

The living environment has become a growing concern for expatriates working in Shanghai and Beijing, although the two cities topped a list of the most attractive Chinese cities for expats.

Surprise jump in March imports

China's imports registered an unexpected increase in March, which officials attributed to domestic demand.

Agreements to boost bilateral relations

China, New Zealand will drive business ties growth through energy, agriculture, finance, high technology.

Senior Chinese, EU officials agree to push ties

Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi told the EU's top diplomat, Catherine Ashton, Wednesday that China-EU ties were his country's top priority in foreign policy.

China urges resolving Iran nuclear issue

China called on all relevant parties to create conditions for resolving the Iran nuclear issue, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said Wednesday.

Changhong appoints Taufik as brand ambassador

Changhong, one of China's leading electronics manufacturers, officially appointed Indonesian ex-Olympics badminton champion Taufik Hidayat as its brand ambassador Wednesday.

Chinese premier meets New Zealand PM

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang held talks with visiting Prime Minister of New Zealand John Key on Wednesday.

Finland's FTM visits to Shanghai

Alex Stubb, the minister of foreign trade of Finland, said that the trade relationship between Finland and China will improve.