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Shanghai seizes 6,000 tonnes of foreign waste

Shanghai customs officials said Thursday they seized 6,000 tonnes of waste tailings in March amid a crackdown on illegally imported garbage.

Is strong trade data too good to be true?

Rather than offering the reassurance of a firming economy, China's stronger-than-expected trade growth in the first quarter has stirred doubt about data accuracy.

Record number of QFII accounts in March

A record 26 new Qualified Foreign Institutional Investors (QFII) accounts were opened in March, bringing the total number of QFII accounts to more than 400, according to China Securities Depository and Clearing Co Ltd.

China-US painting show kicks off in Beijing

A China-US exhibition featuring 24 famous names of painting and calligraphy in China kicked off in Beijing on Wednesday.

Chinese tourists increasingly eye Russia

As "The Year of Chinese Tourism" was recently launched in Russia, as part of "The China-Russia Tourism Year", more Chinese people are choosing to visit the country compared with last year, and young people are also starting to show an interest.

China was world's second-largest trader in 2012

China was the world's second-largest merchandise trader in 2012, second only to the United States by just $15 billion, the People's Daily reported on Wednesday citing a report from the World Trade Organization.

Guangdong, Australia set up business council

The Australian government and Guangdong province on Thursday signed an agreement to set up an Australia-Guangdong Business Co-operation Council to expand ties between the two sides

Chinese Premier meets US state governor

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang met visiting California Governor Jerry Brown on Thursday, encouraging the American state to boost its cooperation with China to lay a solid foundation for the development of bilateral relations.

China asks Philippines' reassurance on fishermen

China urges the Philippines to guarantee the safety and legitimate rights of the Chinese fishermen it has taken into custody, a Foreign Ministry spokesperson said on Thursday.

China calls for 'turnaround' in Korean situation

China called for all parties concerned to take action to turn around the situation on the Korean Peninsula.