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American calls Chinese birthplace his real home

Many consider some American-born Chinese as "banana people", who are viewed as "yellow outside but white inside".

90-year-old Shapiro celebrates his fruitful life in China

Sixty-four years ago, Sidney Shapiro, a young American lawyer-turned soldier, enrolled on a Chinese language learning programme with a plan to partake in an overseas assignment.

Israel Epstein

Israel Epstein was born in Poland in 1915. Beginning from 1931 he did press work at the "Beijing-Tianjin Times". He served as reporter with UPI of the United States in 1937.

Jacob Rosenfeld

Jacob Rosent, a Jewish Austrian, his former name was Jacob Rosenfeld.

Agnes Smedley

Agnes Smedley was a famous American reporter, writer, social activist, and an outstanding and extraordinary woman. She came to China at the end of 1928 and stayed in China for 12 years.

Anna Louise Strong

Anna Louise Strong was born in Friend, Nebraska, USA on 24th Nov, 1885. In 1908, she earned her Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Chicago.

The Flying Tigers: the American Volunteer Group

As in WWI, numerous Americans took advantage of the opportunity to fly and fight without waiting upon their country to enter the war.

Norman Bethune

Norman Bethune is an internationalist soldier, member of the Canadian Communist Party and a well-known thoracic surgeon.

Rewi Alley

Rewi Alley was born in Springfield, Canterbury, New Zealand in 1879. He left New Zealand for China and arrived in Shanghai on April 21st 1927.

Edgar Snow

Edgar Snow was born in Kansus, Missouri in July 17, 1905, and graduated from the School of Journalism, Missouri University. He arrived in Shanghai in July of 1928.