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Premier Wen visits HIV/AIDS patients


Updated: 2010-12-03 18:46:47


December 1 was World AIDS Day. To mark the occasion, Premier Wen Jiabao visited HIV-AIDS patients in Liangshan Yi autonomous prefecture in Sichuan. During his visit, Wen said, the Communist Party and the Chinese government attached great importance to HIV/AIDS prevention, in ethnic minority regions.

At the People's hospital in Zhao-jue county, Premier Wen met with hospital staff.

While praising their hard work, the Premier urged them to promote AIDS prevention knowledge among the public. He also wants to see an improvement in medical treatment services.

Then, Premier Wen traveled to a local clinic in Bu-tuo county. There, he encouraged medical workers to implement HIV preventative measures.

Premier Wen also visited Mo-se-mo-ni-luo, an HIV carrier in Te'er village. During the visit, Wen says the government will spare no effort in helping HIV patients. He is urging Mosemoniluo to keep on with her treatment, and live with hope and confidence.

In Si Kai Middle School in Zhao Jue county, Premier Wen visited 41 orphans whose parents died of AIDS. He says despite losing their parents, they still have a family. A large family with brothers and sisters. He is urging them to be strong, and to cherish life.

Tuesday Evening, Wen presided over a meeting in Zhao Jue county. He praised the county's achievements in HIV/AIDS prevention, and urged local officials to share HIV prevention knowledge among the public.

Wen says the fight against HIV/AIDS is a tough task in the region. He says HIV is a health issue as well as a social issue. The Premier says the area should stick to the five-year plan in HIV/AIDS prevention promoting economic development in the Liang Shan area.

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