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Technological coop discussed at energy forum

The East Asia Summit Renewable Energy Forum was held from April 15 to 16 in Kunming, Yunnan province.

The groups that attended the forum had a thorough and fruitful discussion about policy, science and technology cooperation.

The discussions have promoted the development and application of advanced technology, technology cooperation and increased energy efficiency, said Long Jiang, director of Yunnan Provincial Science and Technology Department.

"China's PV module production in 2012 was about 21,100 MW, accounting for 54 percent of the world production," Long said.

China's newly installed wind energy capacity in 2011 approached 18 million kilowatts, and the total capacity of wind energy reached 65 million kilowatts. The total wind power capacity will reach 100 million kilowatts in 2015 and will continue to grow by 15,000 megawatts per years.

"Till of the end of 2011, 40 million households in China's rural area had used biogas digesters. China has the largest number of rural household digesters in the world," Long said.

In 2007, the Ministry of Science and Technology of China and National Development and Reform Committee launched an International Cooperation Plan for New and Renewable Energy, which identified some pioneer fields like solar power generation, an integrated solar system, bio fuel, biomass power generation, wind power generation, hydrogen energy, fuel cells and natural gas hydrate development. The plan encourages developing and utilizing mature and economical renewable energy technology, and increasing the proportion of high-quality new and clean energy in China's energy structure.