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Citizens seek gains from self-generated electricity


BEIJING - Dong Qiang stands proudly looking up at the solar panel installed on the roof of his house.

The engineer is one of a growing number of Chinese citizens that are generating their own electricity and looking to sell what they do not need or use.

Citizens seek gains from self-generated electricity

Dong Qiang stands beside an electricity generator panel on his roof in Tianjin on April 6, 2013. [Photo/Xinhua] 

Dong was amazed at the smooth process, including applying for permission to set up a self-generating power unit, installing the facilities, generating the power and then being able to sell any extra to a local electricity power company.

Living in coastal Tianjin municipality, Dong, spent 60,000 yuan ($9,678) on the electricity generating apparatus, including a set of three-kilowatt solar panels and 1.5-kilowatt wind power electricity-generating products.

"The apparatus can generate 15 kilowatt-hours (kwh) of electricity per day, while the family only use about 7 kwh," said Dong, "We plan to use half of the clean energy and sell the rest to the local electricity company."

Dong is not alone.

Xu Pengfei, living in the eastern coastal city of Qingdao in Shandong province, started the country's first "family generating station" with an installed capacity of two kilowatts, which generates 2,600 kwh of electricity each year.

Zhu Jianbing in Pingxiang city of East China's Jiangxi province installed a four-kilowatt solar panel on his roof at a cost of 38,000 yuan, and the generated electricity has already been integrated into the state grid.

In February, the State Grid Corporation published an outline that said the grid will provide convenient entrance for the integration of distributed generation, which is when electricity is generated from small energy sources.

Xing Ligong, an official with Tianjin branch of the State Grid Cooperation, said that improved technology could help implement self-generation and its integration to the grid.

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