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Guideline helps with traffic accident lawsuits

A guideline on how to lodge a lawsuit over a traffic accident, and a brochure giving details of 12 typical cases, were published in Beijing on Friday.

The aim is to help residents understand adjudication rules and to increase road safety awareness.

The guideline, from Haidian District People's Court, explains how to lodge a lawsuit after an accident, and sets out specific legal procedures for residents to follow, such as how to write an indictment.

It tackles 33 questions residents often ask when dealing with traffic accidents and relevant lawsuits, said Song Yushui, vice-president of the court.

In some cases, pedestrians do not think they are at fault and bear responsibility in an accident, resulting in judges spending a lot of time explaining traffic rules to them, said Song.

Zhou Hong, a judge with the court, said, "The guideline will reduce such problems and be helpful for those involved in traffic disputes and who need sue in the courts."

In January 2011, the court allocated a courtroom to handle traffic accident cases. By the end of last year, it had handled more than 4,200 disputes, according to Zhou.

Wang Jiansheng, an employee at the Beijing Public Transportation Group, said legal knowledge is now easier to understand following publication of the guideline and brochure.

The company will educate its 3,800-plus drivers based on the material, he added.