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Taiwan set to greenlight mainland organization offices


TAIPEI - A draft rule passed by Taiwan's executive body on Thursday has taken the Chinese mainland's authorized organization for handling cross-Strait affairs a step closer to being allowed to set up offices on the island.

The new set of draft regulations will now be submitted for review by the local legislative body.

If approved, the rule will greenlight offices being established by the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits (ARATS) on the island.

Both the mainland and Taiwan have stated that they will push for the establishment of reciprocal offices by ARATS and its Taiwanese counterpart, the Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF), a move expected to further boost cross-Strait exchanges.

Wang Yu-chi, Taiwan's mainland affairs chief, said on Thursday that the establishment of the SEF's mainland office is also in process, adding he is optimistic that the proposed establishment of the reciprocal offices will become reality before the end of next year.