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Procuratorates urged to investigate malfeasance

The Supreme People's Procuratorate called on national prosecuting departments to focus on investigating malfeasance and infringement cases, which harm judicial justice and hurt the people's interests, the SPP said on Tuesday.

The SPP will launch a two-year campaign to crack down on job-related crimes relating to people's livelihoods, including employment, social security, medical treatment, food and drug safety, social security, as well as law enforcement sectors, Yan Li, a press officer from the SPP said on Tuesday.

According to the SPP, national prosecuting departments will keep a close eye on 11 kinds of malpractice and infringement cases, including cases of abuse of power to infringe on civil rights; judicial authorities providing protection to criminal gangs; and irregularities on investments on education infrastructure projects.

Meanwhile, they will also conduct investigations in the fields of civil servants recruitment, health and pensions, land supervision and urban construction, real estate development, as well as ecological environment protection, according to the SPP.