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New cabinet's working rules published


BEIJING - New detailed working rules of the State Council, China's cabinet, were published on Thursday with aims to push for the establishment of a clean, efficient service-oriented government.

Adopted at the first plenary session of the State Council on March 20, the 58-article document highlights a series of rules designed to regulate the practices of provincial-level governments, ministries and commissions, and departments directly under the council.

The regulations provide that officials should focus on research and inspections at grass-roots levels to solve the issues that most concern the public.

Meanwhile, receptions by local governments should be simplified, with meeting and seeing-off formalities forbidden. Officials are banned from visiting local places of interest and scenic spots when making inspections.

The State Council should promote the transparency of government affairs and improve information release systems to make sure that the government exercises its power openly and transparently, according to the document.


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