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Senior police officer expelled from Party in Lufeng

A senior police officer has been expelled from the Party for serious violations of Party discipline in Lufeng city, Guangdong province.

Zhao Haibin, former member of the Party committee of Lufeng city public security bureau, has also been dismissed from public office, according to a statement from the Lufeng Party disciplinary inspection commission.

The statement, released on the Lufeng city government website on Tuesday night, said: “Zhao, who was concurrently deputy Party chief of Lufeng’s Xieshi township, will be transferred to judicial organs for further investigation and possible prosecution.

“He was investigated and found to have covered up local smuggling, had concubines and accepted large sums in bribes when he was in office.”

Zhao was dubbed the “grandpa of houses” by local residents and Internet users after he was reported by local media to own 192 properties early this year, the statement said.

Zhao was also found to have two identity cards, including one fake card, and used the fake card to do business and buy properties.