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Campaign to promote water conservation in Beijing

Thursday marks the start of a three-day water conservation campaign in Beijing for 2013 World Water Day.

In addition to exhibitions promoting water conservation tips, the campaign also features games and brainstorming sessions to stimulate creative ideas for efficient water use.

“Personal efforts can make a big difference,” said Jia Feng, deputy director of the Center for Environmental Education and Communications, which is running the project with Kao Corp.

“As the water shortage problem worsens, we need to take further action.”

The country is confronted with a grim situation involving water resources, and the demand for fresh water is rapidly increasing every year, he said.

The project encourages every household to save 30 liters of water a day — 10,000 liters a year. Around 30,000 people from 10,000 households in Beijing are expected to participate over three days.

Two more campaigns will be launched in Shanghai and Guangzhou in April to promote water conservation.