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Consortium set up to promote eco-civilization

To prompt the development of an eco-civilization and achieve poverty alleviation in China and the world, the Global Consortium for Eco-civilization Scientists Union was established in Beijing with more than 100 scientists from home and abroad attending on March 21.

Wang Wenbiao, chairman of the China Elion Foundation, who is also founder of the organization, said improving air quality and controlling sand and dust have become key parts in building an eco-civilized country and alleviating public concern.

The commitment of the consortium is to promote China’s eco-civilization and the development of a global green civilization.

The new organization will provide a platform for its scientist members to share the latest technical innovations and scientific research findings on eco-civilization and sustainable development.

The consortium is organized by China Elion Foundation, China Ecological Civilization Research and Promotion Association, International Desert Research Association and International Ecosystem Management Partnership.

Funding for the preparation and initial operation of the secretariat will come from China Elion Foundation. Donations from other sources are welcomed.