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Guangzhou boosts management of officials' trips


Guangzhou's anti-graft body has decided to boost the management of village Party chief' trips outside the country in the following months.

"All the village officials will have be allowed by the relevant departments before they can leave the mainland," Mei Heqing, a senior official at the Guangzhou Party Commission for Discipline Inspection, said on Wednesday.

The new regulation was introduced after Li Fangrong, Party chief of Guangzhou's Liede village in Tianhe district, resigned after he traveled abroad early this year.

"Li told the relevant departments that he resigned because he wanted to see doctors abroad," according to Mei.

"The anti-graft body and other departments in Tianhe district have launched an investigation to see whether Li has violated any laws or has any economic problems or not," Mei said.

Many villages in urban areas have become wealthy and village officials had access to many resources in recent years, he said.

"We must introduce concrete and effective measures to prevent and fight corruption involving village officials," Mei added.