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Shanghai exchange plans new product launches

Shanghai Stock Exchange is to launch new products in a multi-level blue chip stock market, bond market and fund market as well as complete a project involving stock options by the end of this year.

Huang Hongguang, the general manager of SSE said corporate bonds, financial intermediary bonds, and the presale of National Treasury bonds will be promoted in this year.

“We’re keen to increase transactions on share buyback quotations, securities financing, and the collateralized repo of stocks to form products for the expansion of Exchange Traded Funds, including stocks, bonds, gold, foreign exchange and so on,” said Huang.

More products for cross-border Exchange Traded Funds will be developed under expanded cooperation with overseas index agencies by providing products covered in major international capital markets.

Huang added that more research on innovative products such as the merging of bonds and funds, the product layout of equity securities, bonds, gold, foreign exchange and other products, listed open-ended funds, and growth close-ended funds would be carried out.

The Exchange will also continue with the building of a multi-level blue chip stock market to help large enterprises in newly emerging fields, such as the modern manufacturing industry and modern service sector, to become listed.