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Binhai sets up 174 stations to protect consumers' rights

The Tianjin Binhai New Area has set up 174 service stations to protect consumers' rights, where consultations will take place throughout the year, reported.

The report said that law enforcement inspections and consultations will be held in the service stations run by the Binhai Administration for Industry and Commerce, the Consumers Association, the Administration of Quality and Technology Supervision and other departments.

The 174 service stations cover scenic spots, department stores, open-air markets, supermarkets and services companies, and will handle disputes on the spot. Stations will also be placed in leading shopping malls to safeguard consumers’ rights.

Stations to deal with consumers' complaints have also been built across 27 towns in Binhai.

In addition, employees from about 10 departments will be positioned in major commercial zones to help people identify fake goods and receive complaints.