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March 4, 1989: Stability is the key - Deng Xiaoping

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March 4, 1989: Stability is the priority - Deng Xiaoping

On March 4, 1989, Deng Xiaoping told leading members of the CPC Central Committee that the key to China's success in modernization, the reform and the opening to the outside is stability.

"I have told President Bush that in China the overriding need is for stability ... China cannot afford any disorder: we should explain that plainly and repeatedly. If we don't, we shall appear to be in the wrong. We have to send out a signal that China will tolerate no disturbances.

"Over the last ten years our greatest mistake has been our failure in education. We haven't paid enough attention to the political and ideological education of young people and to the expansion of education. Intellectuals have not been given enough pay and other benefits. We have to solve these problems."