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China in numbers

CPC Encyclopedia

Land Area: About 9.6 million square km, the third largest in the world

Population: 1,347,350,000 (population of Taiwan Province and Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions included), the largest in the world

Ethnic Groups: The Han ethnic group, with the largest population that accounts for about 92 percent of the national total, and 55 minority ethnic groups

Religions: Five major religions including Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Catholicism and Protestantism, with more than 100 million religious believers and more than 100,000 sites for religious activities

Political Parties: Besides the Communist Party of China in power, eight democratic parities participating in the administration of state affairs

Mass Organizations: About 2,000 national mass organizations

Most Populous Provincial-Level Administrative Area: Guangdong Province, with a population of 105.05 million as of the end of 2011

Largest Provincial-Level Administrative Area: Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, with an area of 1.6649 million square km

Highest Point: Qomolangma (Mount Everest), 8,844.43 meters above sea level, the highest in the world

Lowest Point: Aydingkol Lake in Turpan Basin, Xinjiang, 155 meters below sea level

Longest River: The Yangtze River, the third longest in the world, with a length of 6,300 km

Largest Lake: The Qinghai Lake, with an area of 4,274.07 square km

Major Holidays and Anniversaries

National Public Holidays

New Year's Day: 1 day off (January 1)

Spring Festival: 3 days off (lunar New Year's eve and first and second days of the first lunar month)

Tomb-Sweeping Day: 1 day off (falling around April 5)

International Workers' Day: 1 day off (May 1)

Dragon Boat Festival: 1 day off (the fifth day of the fifth lunar month)

Mid-Autumn Festival: 1 day off (the 15th day of the eighth lunar month)

National Day: 3 days off (October 1, 2 and 3)

National Holidays for Specific People

International Women's Day (March 8): Half day off for women

Youth Day (May 4): Half day off for youth under 14 years old

International Children's Day (June 1): Half day off for children under 13 years old

The People's Liberation Arm Day (August 1): Half day off for active service people

Ethnic Minority Festivals: Governments of minority ethnic regions shall designate the dates for celebration in accordance with ethnic customs.

Industrial Holidays and Major Anniversaries

Tree Planting Day: March 12

International Nurses Day: May 12

Birthday of the Communist Party of China: July 1

Anniversary of the Outbreak of the War Against Japanese Aggression: July 7

Teachers' Day: September 10

Anniversary of the September 18 Incident: September 18

Journalists' Day: November 8

(Source: China Intercontinental Press)