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Regards from Ambassador of Uganda

Charles Madibo Wagidoso, ambassador of Uganda to China talks to, giving his comment of China's great achievements during the past decades and expectation of the country's new leadership and future after the 18th CPC National Congress.


China, to me, has performed what you would call a miracle in terms of economic development. I think it is the only country in the world that has developed so fast in a period of 30 years and be able to move hundreds of millions of people out of poverty to the middle class. It's a great achievement. I think it's the first country to move from a situation where they were not among the great nations in terms of economic development but to move forward very fast in 30 years and become the second biggest economy in the world and pushing to become the biggest economy in the world in the near future. It's a great achievement.

How did China make it in 30 years? I think that would be very good for us in Africa and in Uganda to learn and see if we can emulate some of the policies some of the economic models that have been pursued by China to enable us to also develop a little faster than we are currently.

The current policy between China and Uganda is embedded largely in the framework of the China-Africa Cooperation. And, of course, it focuses on developing economic, social, cultural, and political cooperation between the two countries. I guess that after the Congress in November and after the change in leadership in China, the new leaders will not change fundamentally from the current policies because we are happy with the existing policies that support development, that support especially infrastructure development in Uganda and Africa, and also the policies that support non-interference in the affairs of each other's countries. So I guess that the new leaders will strengthen the policies and maybe come up with some additional policies to strengthen the relationship.

Videographer: Xing Xudong

Video: Lou Yi & Christie Lee

Transcript: Chris Clark

Producer: Flora Yue