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The father of Chinese hepatobiliary surgery: Wu Mengchao

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The father of Chinese hepatobiliary surgery: Wu Mengchao

Born: August 31, 1922
      Minqing county, Fujian province

Occupation: Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
              Hepatobiliary surgery scientist

Political Party: Communist Party of China (Joined in 1956)


Wu Mengchao, male, Han nationality, is a world-famous Chinese hepatobiliary surgery scientist and surgeon, who is currently an acadamecian at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He is generally considered as the "Father of Chinese Hepatobiliary Surgery." He is now heading the Eastern Hepatobiliary Surgery Hospital attached to the Second Military Medical University in Shanghai.

The father of Chinese hepatobiliary surgery: Wu Mengchao

In 1927, Wu and his mother went to join his father in Malaysia, before coming back to China for school in 1940. Wu graduated from the School of Medicine of Tongji University in July 1949 and was elected academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1991.

During his 50 years as a hepatic surgeon, Wu has performed surgery almost every day. Until June 2011, Wu had performed over 14,000 hepatic surgeries, including more than 9,300 of liver tumor resections. His success rate stood at 98.5 percent. Wu maintained a steady record of more than 200 surgeries each year.

Wu was given the honor of "Leading Medical Expert" by the Central Military Commission in 1996 and was presented the 2005 National Science and Technology Award in 2006.

He served as director of the research institute for hepatobiliary surgery and director of the department of hepatobiliary surgery of Changhai Hospital under the Second Military Medical University, and Vice President of the Second Military Medical University.

At present, Wu is a member of the International Society of Surgery (ISS), the International Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Association (IHPBA) and the Eastern Research Institute for Hepatobiliary Surgery.

He also works as the director of the Advisory Committee of the Chinese Medical Association, director of the German-Chinese Medical Association, Consultant of Ninth Committee of the Medical Science of the PLA, Consultant of Sino-Japan Digestive Surgery Association, honorable director of the 3rd CSCO, a vice-director member of the Expert Advisory Committee of the People's Medical Publishing House, and chief editor, associate managing editor, editorial member or consultant of more than 20 medical publications including the Academic Journal of the Second Military Medical University.

Wu also takes positions as an honorable member of Japan Society for Transplantation, academician of the College of Surgeons of Hong Kong, visiting professor of Rush University (Chicago) and honorable director of Ausinan Science & Technology Society.