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No 1 Document for 2009

CPC Encyclopedia

IV.  Stabilizing and improving rural basic management system

17.Stabilizing rural land contracting relation

We will revise and improve relevant laws, regulations and policies to enable farmers to have fuller and guaranteed rights of land contracting management, existing land contracting relations will be maintained stable and unchanged permanently. Property rights protection of land contracting management will be strengthened, rights confirmation, registration and certificate issuance of collectively-owned land will be carried out and the rights will be allocated to the collective organization that legally performs the ownership. Trials of land contract management will be steadily carried out, the area, spatial location and property rights certificate of the contracted land lots will be given to farmer households, it is strictly prohibited to cash in the opportunity to adjust land contracting relations, and behaviors of illegally contracted land will be firmly prohibited and corrected. Implementation of grassland contracting management system should be accelerated.

18.Establishing and improving circulation market of rights of land contracting management

Circulation of rights of land contracting management must not change the nature of collective ownership of land, must not change the purpose of land and must not damage the legal rights of land contracting of farmers. Voluntary and remunerative principles will be upheld and the leading role of farmers in land circulation will be respected, no organization or individual will force circulation or hinder the spontaneous circulation. Following the requirements of improving management and strengthening services, the circulation of land contracting management rights will be standardized. It is encouraged that localities with appropriate conditions can develop circulation service organization to provide services to both sides on information exchange, legal consultation, price evaluation, contracting and settlement of disputes.

19.Implementing the strictest arable land protection system and strictest land-saving use system

Basic farmland must be allocated to land plots and written on the registration certificates of land contract, unified permanent basic farmland protection signs will be established, localities are strictly prohibited to take the liberty to change the location of basic farmland through adjusting the planning. Examination of local government performance in protecting arable land will be strictly enforced and audit the protection of arable land and basic farmland will be implemented for leaders when leaving the position. Concrete methods for basic farmland protection compensation should be promulgated as soon as possible. The overall scale of urban and rural construction land use will be strictly controlled, land-saving system will be established and implemented in overall manner from planning, standard, market deployment, evaluation and performance examination. Land use planning of towns and townships and township and village construction planning should be timely formulated, village construction land use and residential areas should be scientifically and rationally arranged, and residential land use standard will be revised in accordance with local resource conditions. Land saved from rural residential land plots and village improvement will be first of all reclaimed to arable land, land for offsetting arable compensation quota of construction land occupation must be done following the law, which must be in conformity with the overall land use planning and incorporated in the land planning management. Reform of rural land management system will be implemented orderly and in standardized manner after the improvement of relevant laws and regulations and the promulgation of concreted matching policies.

20.Promoting collective forest rights reform

We will use about 5 years to basically accomplish reform of collective forest rights of contracting to households with clearly defined property rights. Localities where the rights of collective forest land management and ownership of forest trees have been allocated to households, efforts must be made to establish property rights exchange platform in a timely fashion, the circulation system of forest land and forest trees should be established and forest tree logging management system would be improved. Localities where the above has not been done will accelerate collective forest rights system reform on the basis of strengthening information dissemination, training and boundary surveys and certificate issuance. Support of government finance to collective forest rights system reform will be intensified and trials of policy forest insurance will be carried out. We will guide the healthy development of intermediary service in forest asset evaluation and forest management plan formulation. Trials of forest rights system reform of state-owned forest farm and key state-owned forest will be further expanded.

21.Supporting the development of farmer specialized cooperatives and dragonhead enterprises

The development of farmer specialized cooperatives will be accelerated and construction of demonstration cooperatives will be undertaken. Training of personnel of cooperatives should be strengthened and finance at various levels should provide financial support. Cooperatives will be incorporated in the tax registration system and tax registration costs will be waived. Concrete methods that finance will support cooperatives and cooperatives with appropriate condition will implement state agro-projects will be developed speedily. We support agricultural industrialization and encourage the development of agricultural product processing so that farmers will share more of the added benefit resulted from processing and circulation. Central and local finance will increase earmarked fund scale for agricultural industrialization focusing on supporting dragonhead enterprises that have strong leading role among farmers to carry out technology R&D, production base construction and quality inspection and testing. Dragonhead enterprises are encouraged to participate in guarantee system development with the support of the financing. Effective measures will be adopted to assist dragonhead enterprises to resolve the difficulties in getting loan.