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Local Party standing committees bring in new faces

CPC Encyclopedia

Recently, 14 provinces and autonomous regions have elected the new Party committees. From the list of the new Party committees, there are some new faces in the standing committees.

According to statistics, Anhui Provincial Standing Committee of the Party has five new members, more than any other province. Henan province has four new members in the standing committee. There are three new members of the standing committees in Guangxi and Fujian respectively, two new members in Inner Mongolia, Jiangxi, Tibet, Shanxi, Jiangsu and Hebei, and one new member in Liaoning province.

These newly appointed members of the local Party standing committees work in various positions. There are chiefs of institutions directly under the provincial Party committees and heads of provincial government departments. There are also top officials of prefectural-level cities and commanders in military regions. 

Areas  New  members of local Party standing committees
 Liaoning Su Hongzhang 
Henan  Shi Jichun, Wu Tianjun, Mao Chaofeng and Zhao Suping 
Jiangxi  Zhou Meng and Cai Xiaoming 
Anhui Tang Chengpei, Shen Suli, Song Haihang, Chen Shulong and Wu Cunrong 
Shanxi  Wang Jianming and Du Shanxue 
Jiangsu  Fan Jinlong and Wang Yanwen 
Inner Mongolia  Nashunmenghe and Du Zi 
Guangxi  Long Yihe, Lin Nianxiu and Fan Xiaoli 
Tibet  Deng Xiaogang and Norbu Dondrub 
Fujian  Ye Shuangyu, Su Zengtian and Zhang Zhinan 
Hebei  Tian Xiangli and Ai Wenli