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Half of China's provinces complete Party committee reshuffling

CPC Encyclopedia

Fourteen provinces and autonomous regions have elected new Party committees. Recently, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China commented on the work style of its cadres.

At the Meeting Commemorating the 90th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China, General secretary of the CPC central committee Hu Jintao said that the whole Party is confronted with growing dangers including lacking in drive, incompetence, divorce from the people, lacking initiative and corruption. He emphasized that being divorced from the people is the biggest potential danger to the party.

From a series of articles written by People's Daily reporter Zhong Zuwen, we can see the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China requests the new leadership team to solve the problems the Party confronted.

To solve the problem of lacking in drive, his article emphasizes the new leadership team must keep the enterprising spirit, indomitable will, diligence and initiative to accomplish the various missions with a sense of urgency.

To solve the problem of incompetence, his article emphasizes the new leadership team needs to reinforce studying many fields to improve the ability to serve the people.

To solve the problem of divorce from the people, the article emphasizes people being our benefactors and the party members are the peoples' public servants. Some cadres talk like bureaucrats in dealing with the people, look to make an excuses and even revile the people. In the final analysis, they look down the people and reversed the master-servant relation.

To solve the problem of corruption, the article emphasizes the cadres should stand in awe of the power and use the power in law. When they confront temptation, they should adhere to the principles.

Meanwhile, the new leaders of local Party committees responded to the Central Committee in droves. Liaoning provincial committee secretary Wang Min emphasized the people should be aware of the four dangers; Jiangxi provincial committee secretary Su Rong proposed less meetings, and instead, use more research to promote the peoples’ livelihood and social harmony; Shanxi provincial committee secretary Yuan Chunqing said they should work hard to build a new Shanxi; Hebei provincial committee secretary Zhang Qingli requested all cadres to be honest and upright; Hunan provincial committee secretary Zhou Qiang emphasized the cadres should hold the moral bottom line; Xinjiang autonomous region secretary of the Party committee Zhang Chunxian emphasized there should be more cider and less talk, and people should dare to shoulder responsibility.