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13 provinces elect female members to standing Party committees

CPC Encyclopedia

All thirteen provinces and autonomous regions that have completed Party committee transitions have elected at least one female member to their standing committees.

Jiangsu province has the most female members, with Hong Qiang, Huang Lixin and Wang Yanwen being elected. Fujian and Liaoning have two female members.

Female members have been receiving more attention during the current provincial Party committee elections.

Secretary of CPC Fujian Provincial Committee Sun Chunlan has become the only female provincial committee secretary, while Standing Committee member of CPC Jiangxi Provincial Committee, Shu Xiaoqin, is also serving as Secretary of the Political and Legislative Affairs Committee of the CPC Jiangxi Committee and the Head of the Public Security Bureau of Jiangxi Province, considered rare for female committee members.

The majority of female Standing Committee members are in charge of discipline, organization, publicity and the united front affairs.

The list of the female standing committee members of provincial Party committees: 

Area    Female Members of Standing Committees
Liaoning  Wang Junlian, Zhao Guohong 
Henan  Zhao Suping 
Jiangxi  Shu Xiaoqin 
Anhui  Shen Suli 
Xinjiang  Song Airong 
Shanxi  Hu Suping 
Jiangsu  Hong Qiang, Huang Lixin, Wang Yanwen 
Inner Mongolia  Wulan 
Guangxi  Fan Xiaoli 
Tibet  Cui Yuying 
Fujian Sun Chunlan, Chen Hua 
Hebei  Tian Xiangli 
Hunan  Li Weiwei