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People's Daily comments on selection of representatives for Party Congress


BEIJING - The People's Daily, or the flagship newspaper of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), is to issue a commentary that calls for seriousness in the selection of attendees to the 18th Party Congress.

The commentary, to be carried on the People's Daily Tuesday, also urged ensuring Party members will exercise their democratic rights and prohibiting illegal activity in the selection process.

The CPC is currently preparing for the congress, scheduled to convene in the later part of next year. A total of 2,270 people will be selected to represent 3.89 million Party grassroots organizations nationwide, according to the commentary.

The proper selection of representatives is fundamental for ensuring a successful congress, the commentary aid, adding that authorities should ensure that the representatives are "firm in ideological belief, correct in political stance, good in morality and style, excellent in career performance and relatively strong in carrying out the duties of (Party) representatives."

The representatives should be able to represent Party members from different localities, trades and industries, the commentary said. At least 32 percent of the representatives should be selected from "ordinary" backgrounds, such as factory workers, farmers and professionals, according to the commentary.