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The first military region in China’s military history

CPC Encyclopedia

According to China's administrative division, geographical location and strategic direction, Jiangxi Military Region was set up in Xingguo County in Jiangxi Province in 1932, and is viewed as the first military region in China's military history. Although it only lasted for less than three years, the deeds in Jiangxi Military Region left deep impressions on the history.

In November 1931, the Central Revolutionary Military Commission decided to establish military-level institutions and did so in 1932. The Jiangxi Military Region Headquarters was established first. On Jan 9, 1932 the Central Revolutionary Military Commission issued instructions to set up Jiangxi Military Region. On Feb 1, Jiangxi Military Region was officially established with Chen Yi as commander and political commissar. Since then, the first military region was born and it has created a precedent of having military agencies in China's military history. Jiangxi Military Region administered four separate divisions, 15 independent groups and a guard's regiment, occupying most of the Central Soviet Area including Ruijin. It was made up of five divisions, a commanding military department and local armed forces in counties under jurisdiction. It worked with the political department, general staff department, managment office, general services, guard platoon, armed security row and a teaching team. Several famous leaders in history such as Deng Xiaoping, Luo Ronghuan held the post of the director of the Political Department.

Jiangxi Military Region was successively subordinated to the Central Revolutionary Military Commission and the First Army Headquarter. Its main responsibility was not only to engage in the war, but it was responsible for forming local armed forces, expanding the Red Army, training new recruits and so on. The location of military authorities experienced several changes in many places.

In the 1930s, the Jiangxi Military Region helped the Red Army win a number of good, tough and strong battles including Shuikou Campaign and Le'an and Yihuang Campaign. The Jiangxi Military Region was praised and awarded by the Central Revolutionary Military Commission.

When the fifth "anti-encirclement" failed, the Central Committee decided some army groups of the Jiangxi Military Region should stay in the Central Soviet Area and the rest would participate in the Long March. After the main forces of the Red Army transferred strategically, the Kuomintang armies assembled large forces to clean up the Jiangxi Military Region, which was run down by the enemy. Although it reorganized and rectified later, the Jiangxi Military Region didn't save the situation.

Since then, the institutions of Jiangxi Military Region have disintegrated.

Source: Literary Circles of CPC History