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Time-honored brands praised by Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai and Deng Xiaoping

Commercial time-honored brands are national treasures. Beijing's time-honored brands are glories of the Chinese capital. During the past 30 years, although many time-honored brands are continuing to develop, some are fading away. There is a wave of regret at the thought of the time-honored food brands such as Puwufang, Baohuachun and Tianyishun that have vanished.

The old generation of revolutionary leaders showed loving care for the time-honored brands. Mao Zedong had a few instructions on time-honored brands, including Wangmazi, Zhang Koizumi, Donglaishun, Quanjude, Ruifuxiang, Tongrentang, Business Printing House, Zhonghua Book Company and Fire Palace stinky tofu. "Wangmazi, Donglaishun and Quanjude will be preserved forever," said Mao Zedong. "Ruifuxiang and Tongrentang will also save a thousand years…To save the name of history, why not the name of Business Printing House and Zhonghua Book Company."

Most of these time-honored brands Mao referred to are Beijing-based time-honored brands, which have an important position in his life. Mao often frequented Changsha Fire Palace to eat stinky tofu when he was young and went there again after the liberation, leaving saying "Fire Palace stinky tofu is still delicious". Then, Changsha Fire Palace used the leader's words to advertise and protect the time-honored brand. It is said that Mao used the "Zhang Koizumi" scissors.

Zhou Enlai gave instructions to the Shengxifu hat shop "to keep the characteristic of Shengxifu and organize to run factories". He liked the "Wonton hou" ravioli and specifically invited chefs of "Wonton hou" to cook for foreign guests. He lined up in the China photography studio in Beijing Wangfujing Street. Besides, Zhou had creatively explained the word "Quanjude".

Deng Xiaoping loves to wear the shoes made by Neiliansheng shoe store and had shoes measured there several times. "The shoes are appropriate, my thanks to the masters of Neiliansheng shoe store," Deng said in a message to Neiliansheng one time after his shoes were finished. He gave high praise to this time-honored brand in his words. Xiaoping's family had made a pair of shoes for him in Neiliansheng, hoping he could set foot in Hong Kong after its return to the mainland. Unfortunately, these shoes did not last. This pair of shoes was later officially collected by the National Museum with "Xiaoping shoes" named by Neiliansheng. "This is not Shengxifu and do refrain from labeling others," Deng Xiaoping said in a sarcastic and humorous comment in response to a hat factory operated by the Gang of Four during the period of the "cultural revolution"(1966-76).

Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai and Deng Xiaoping are all great leaders, who live their daily lives as ordinary people and share the same love and appreciation for time-honored brands.


Edited by Zhang Ruoqiong