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CPC history in pictures (2): Nationalist Revolution (1924-1927)

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Between 1924 and 1927, a vigorous anti-imperialist, anti-feudal warlords revolutionary movement swept across China. Its scale, the number of people it mobilized, the far-reaching effects it brought - in the history of modern Chinese revolution is unprecedented. People often call it the "The Great Revolution" or "The Nationalist Revolution of China".

CPC history in pictures (2): Nationalist Revolution (1924-1927)

Leading labor movements was the main work of the Communist Party of China after it was founded in 1921. In February 1923, the Beijing-Hankou Railway Workers' Union was established. They went on strike on February 7 and were brutally repressed by the government. Members of the Beijing-Hankou Railway Workers’ Union pose for a photo when the union was established; Lin Xiangqian (in top right corner) was killed in the strike. [Photo/Exhibition Road to Rejuvenation at the National Museum of China]

CPC history in pictures (2): Nationalist Revolution (1924-1927)

Ren Bishi (1st L) and Luo Yinong (2nd L), both of whom studied in the University of the East in Moscow, pose for a photo in April 1923 with Liu Renjing (5th L), who attended the Fourth Congress of the Communist International as a Chinese representative, and Zhang guotao (4th L), who went to the Communist International to report the February 7th Massacre. [Photo/General Review of the Communist Party of China]

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