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Full Text of Hu Jintao's speech at CPC anniversary gathering



Comrades and Friends,

A review of the Party's growth over the past 90 years leaves all of us the same impression, that is, since the very date of its birth, the Party has been representing young people, relying on them and enjoying their support. Li Dazhao, one of the founders of the Party, called on young people to devote their youth to advancing civilization and promoting the wellbeing and lasting youthfulness of humanity. Most of the founding members of the Party and its members of succeeding generations joined the Party when they were young, and they were resolved to dedicate all their lives to the Party and the people. In the Party, there are always many energetic young people with lofty ideals and great passion. This is an important guarantee for the Party to remain robust and youthful 90 years after its birth. Young people represent the future of both China and its people. They also represent the future and hope of the Party. The whole Party must care about young people, listen to what they have to say, encourage their growth, and support their entrepreneurship. Both the Party and people have placed high hope on young people. Young people in China must acquire a keen appreciation of the glorious history of tenacious struggles waged by the Chinese people in China's modern history. They should cherish a lifelong love for our great motherland, our great people, and our great nation. They should have lofty ideals and firm convictions, gain knowledge and skills, develop moral integrity and willpower, and prepare themselves for hard work so that they can fully release their talent and prove their value on the big stage of life. Let their youthful vigor shine with brilliance in the course of rendering great services to the Party and the people!

Comrades and Friends,

Ninety years ago, the CPC only had a few dozen members. Back then, China was a poor and backward country and its people were leading a miserable life. Today, the CPC has more than 80 million members. China is prospering and its people are living a happy life. All the achievements of the Party over the past 90 years have been made by the Party together with the people. We will never forget that the people are the real heroes.

We have every reason to be proud of what the Party and the people have achieved, but we have no reason to be complacent. We must not and will never rest on our laurels.

In the first half of this century, the Party will unite with and lead the people in accomplishing two grand goals: First, to build a moderately prosperous society of a higher level to the benefit of over one billion people by the centennial of the founding of the CPC and, second, to make China a prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced and harmonious modern socialist country by the centennial of the founding of New China. We have great responsibilities on our shoulders. All the comrades in the Party must keep in mind their historic missions, remain modest and prudent, guard against arrogance and rashness, and maintain the style of plain living and hard struggle. We should be eager to make changes and innovations and guard against rigid thinking and stagnation. We will not vacillate, relax our efforts or act recklessly. And we will never be intimidated by risks or confused by distractions. We must unswervingly forge ahead along the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics and work even harder to unite with and lead the people of all ethnic groups in China in working for our happy life and the bright future of the Chinese nation.

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