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Feb 3,1952: The CPC Central Committee issues the "three-anti" instructions

Feb 3, 1952: The CPC Central Committee issues the "three-anti" instructions

Based on the "three anti" (anti-corruption, anti-waste and anti-bureaucracy) campaign, the CPC Central Committee issued instructions on how Party members would register, review and process their work based on eight conditions. The eight conditions were: to study and understand subordinate cadres, resolutely clear the party of the corruption and degenerate members, replace leaders who are too bureaucratic and claim all credit, replace members and leaders who do not make progress, who are negative and without competent leadership. The instructions called on Party members to boldly promote outstanding members with both the ability and integrity to fulfill a variety of leadership positions.

Feb 3, 1978: People's Daily reports on rural economic policies in Anhui province

On Feb 3, 1978, People's Daily reported on the implementation of the nation's rural economic policy in Anhui province. On June 13, the newspaper reported on its experiences in Sichuan province. The newspaper found that in both provinces the policy had resulted in successful efforts to: respect the autonomy of the production team, encourage the implementation of a production responsibility system, reduce the burden of production teams and their members, adhere to the distribution systems according to work schedules to ensure that members were allocated cash, carry out a variety of businesses; carefully treat problems of the basic accounting unit's transition from the production team to the brigade, allow and encourage members to operate a small number of private plots and legitimate household sidelines. These policies won the support of the majority of farmers, and soon would welcome results.

Feb 3, 1994: The State Council implements an eight-hour work day

On Feb 3, 1994, the State Council issued "the provisions on working hours of employees", modifying the working hours of employees to 44 hours per week. Beginning May 1, 1995, the working hours were adjusted to an average 40 hours per week.