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Feb 2,1939: The CPC Central Committee holds production mobilization meeting in Yan'an

Feb 2, 1939: The CPC Central Committee holds production mobilization meeting in Yan'an, and Mao Zedong calls for a "do it yourself" approach

On Feb 10, 1940, the Central Military Commission issued instructions to the army, requiring the troops to actively carry out a production campaign according to different environments and conditions, so that the fighting, production and learning could be accomplished at the same time. In March 1941, the 359th Brigade of the Eighth Route Army marched toward Nanniwan in the south of Yan'an to build a military settlement. In December 1942, Mao Zedong made a report on "economic issues and financial issues" at the conference for senior cadres in the Ningxia Border Region to clarify that the general policy of economic and financial work is to "develop the economy and guarantee supply". In 1943, Mao Zedong wrote an inscription for the documentary film Production, Fighting Together (later retitled Nanniwan), inscribing "do it yourself" for the original film and "clothed" for the renamed film.

Feb 2, 1945: On behalf of the CPC Central Committee, Zhou Enlai proposes to the National Government, Chinese Kuomintang and China Democratic League that a meeting be held to establish a coalition government

The Kuomintang refused the request for a party meeting to establishing a democratic coalition government, insisting on organizing a three-person committee with Americans to reorganize the CPC Military. On April 2, Hurley issued a statement in Washington, declaring that the U.S. government would cooperate only with the KMT, not the CPC.

Feb 2—20, 1966: Jiang Qing holds an Army Literary Work Forum

From Feb 2 to Feb 20, 1966, with the support of Lin Biao, Jiang Qing held the Army Literary Work Forum in Shanghai and wrote the meeting summary. In March, Mao Zedong reviewed the summary three times. On April 10, the CPC Central Committee endorsed the summary. The summary denied the achievements that the arts community had made during 17 years since the founding of new China under the leadership of the CPC. The summary said the arts community was "dictated by a black line of anti-Party and anti-society forces opposed to Mao Zedong thought". "We must resolutely carry out a socialist revolution on the cultural front, and completely get rid of this black line," the summary stated. The summary set the stage for the "cultural revolution", and it was a beginning of collusion between Jiang Qing and Lin Biao.

Feb 2—6, 1991: The National United Front Work Conference is held in Beijing

The meeting proposed to hold high the two flags of patriotism and socialism, and consolidate and expand the broadest united front. This would include two scopes: the alliance of workers and patriots based on patriotism and socialism continent-wide, and the alliance of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao compatriots and overseas compatriots based on patriotism and support for the reunification of the motherland as the political foundation outside the mainland.