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Feb 1,2002: The Conference of National Science and Technology Awards is held

Feb 1, 1936: "The Liberation Vanguard of the Chinese Nation" is set up in Peiping

A mass organization of advanced youths led by the Communist Party of China is organized for the goal of anti-Japanese democracy.

Feb 1, 1942: The Rectification Movement begins

On Feb 1, 1942, Mao Zedong delivered the report "Rectify the Style of Study, Party and Writing" at the opening ceremony of the Central Party School. On Feb 8, Mao made a speech "opposing stereotypical party writing" at the meeting for cadres in Yan'an. On April 3, the Central Propaganda Department issued "the decision on discussing the central decisions and the report of rectifying three styles made by Mao Zedong". In late May, the Central Political Bureau established the Central Committee of General Learning to oversee the rectification campaign. The General Learning Committee members were Mao, Kaifeng, Kang Sheng, Li Fuchun and Chen Yun. Mao was named director, and Kang Sheng was named deputy director. On June 8, the Central Propaganda Department issued an "instruction on efforts to rectifying three styles through the whole party." The Party launched a rectification movement to work against subjectivism to rectify the style of study, to work against sectarianism in order to rectify the style of the Party, and against Party stereotypes in writing in order to rectify the style of writing.

Feb 1, 1946: The CPC Central Committee issues instructions

On Feb 1, 1946, the CPC Central Committee issued the instructions on the "current situation and tasks" to introduce and approve major achievements of the Political Consultative Conference, proposing that "from now on China is embarked on a new stage of building peace and democracy". Shortly thereafter, Chiang Kai-shek tore up the truce agreement and the CPPCC agreement, and the CPC Central Committee quickly changed the estimate on the timeline for the new stage of peace and democracy.

Feb 1, 1947: The Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee holds an enlarged meeting

Mao Zedong said at the meeting that China was on the threshold of a new climax of the People's revolution. The meeting discussed and issued an instruction entitled "meet the new surge of the Chinese revolution", pointing out that the victory of the People's Liberation Army and the development of the people's movement in areas controlled by Chiang Kai-shek signaled the coming of a new surge of the Chinese revolution. An extremely broad united front of the whole nation -- including workers, peasants, urban petty bourgeoisie, national bourgeoisie, enlightened gentry, other patriots, ethnic minorities and overseas Chinese -- has formed. This united front not only was the same general size as the united front during the anti-Japanese period, but also had a more profound basis. All Party members must fight for its consolidation and development, Mao said.

Feb 1, 2002: The CPC Central Committee and State Council hold the Conference of National Science and Technology Awards in Beijing

Jiang Zemin attended the Conference and awarded certificates and prize money to Wang Xuan and Huang Kun as part of the highest prize for Science and Technology in 2001. Party and State leaders presented the National Natural Science Award, National Technological Invention Award and National Science and Technology Progress Award.