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Jan 31,1949: China celebrates the peaceful liberation of Beijing

Jan 31, 1949: China celebrates the peaceful liberation of Beijing

On Jan 31, 1949, with the battle of Beijing-Tianjin ending in victory, Beijing was peacefully liberated. From Jan 14 to Jan 15, the Northeast Field Army launched a general offensive against Tianjin enemy troops who had refused to surrender. After 29 hours of fighting, Tianjin was liberated. After the liberation of Tianjin, People's Liberation Army troops numbering 900,000 reached the city gates of Beijing. Against the massive PLA forces, with the support of underground patriots, the enemy forces retreated and Beijing was liberated. The Northeast Field Army then took over defense affairs in Beijing. On Feb 3, the People's Liberation Army held a grand ceremony in Beijing city. Following the earlier liberation of Taiyuan, Datong, Xinxiang, Anyang, Guisui (now Hohhot), Tianjin and then Beijing, all areas of North China were liberated.