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Jan 28—Feb 18,1991: Deng Xiaoping visits Shanghai

Jan 28, 1942: China reduces rents and interest rates to help farmers

On Jan 28, 1942, the CPC Central Committee released the "decision on land policy in the Anti-Japanese Base Area". On Feb 4, the committee issued "instructions on how to implement land policy decisions". Two documents stated that a policy calling for a reduction of rents and interest rates was designed to help famers, reduce feudal exploitation, improve famers' living and increase their enthusiasm for anti-Japanese and production. On implementation, the policy was to implement the lower rental and interest rate payments and protect landlords' land ownership, protect property rights and human rights to unite landlord classes for the anti-Japanese, weaken the feudal role of rich peasants, and encourage the development of its capitalist role. The document guided each liberated area on how to implement reduction of rents and interest rates on a large scale.

Jan 28, 1956: China adopts simplified Chinese characters

On Jan 28, 1956, the 23rd plenary session of the State Council adopted the "Resolution of the State Council on Announcing the Program of Simplified Chinese Characters" and "Instructions by the State Council on the Promotion of Putonghua". On Feb 9, the Chinese Script Reform Committee issued a "Chinese Phonetic Alphabet (draft)". On Feb 10, the State Council approved the establishment of the Central Committee for the Promotion of Putonghua, and named Chen Yi the director.

Jan 28, 1960: A boundary treaty between China and Myanmar is signed

On Jan28, 1960, the prime ministers of China and Myanmar signed the "Agreement by the People's Republic of China and Myanmar Federal Government on Two Countries' Border Issues" and the "Treaty on Friendship and Non-Aggression between Two Countries". The boundary treaty became the first boundary treaty that New China signed with an Asian neighbor, setting a good example to strengthen partnerships and resolve similar problems in the future.

Jan 28—Feb 18, 1991: Deng Xiaoping visits Shanghai

During his visit to Shanghai, Deng Xiaoping stated that developing Pudong was not just the problem of Pudong itself; it was also related to Shanghai's development. So Shanghai became the base to develop the Yangtze River Delta and Yangtze River basin. Finance is the core of a modern economy, he said, and said that China must rely on Shanghai to achieve international status. He said a planned economy and market economy can also serve socialism, that it is difficult to develop an economy without openness, and to overcome fear and show more courage. Everything needs to be tried by someone first in order to open up a new path, he said, advising people to be prepared for failure on the first try without being disappointed. He urged the people of Shanghai to be more daring with their thinking and to develop their city at a faster pace.

Jan 28, 1996: A People's Liberation Army base is built in the Hong Kong Special Administration Region

On Jan 28, 1996, the State Council and Central Military Commission issued a public notice stating that construction was complete of a People’s Liberation Army base located in the Hong Kong Special Administration Region. The PLA Hong Kong Garrison consisted of the army, navy and air forces under the leadership of the PRC Central Military Commission. This force was stationed officially in Hong Kong at midnight on July 1, 1997, without disruption to the local affairs of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.