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Jan 22,1987: The CPC Central Committee issues a notice "to deepen the rural reform"

Jan 22—Feb 1, 1934: The Second National Congress of the China Soviet Republic is held

From Jan 22 to Feb 1, 1934, the Second National Congress of China Soviet Republic was held in Ruijin. Mao Zedong delivered the Central Executive Committee work report of the China Soviet Republic for the previous two years. Zhu De submitted the report on the building of the Red Army, Lin Boqu reported on economic construction and Wu Liangping reported on the building of the China Soviet Republic. The congress adopted "Constitutional Outline of the China Soviet Republic". On Feb 3, 1934, the second session of the Central Executive Committee held its first meeting. The congress adopted the Presidium of Central Executive Committee, which was composed of 17 members include Mao Zedong, and elected Mao chairman of the Central Executive Committee. Xiang Ying and Chang Kuotao were named vice-chairmen. The conference approved the selection of Zhang Wentian as chairman of the People's Commission, Zhu De as chairman of the Central Revolutionary Military Committee, and Zhou Enlai and Wang Jiaxiang as vice-chairmen.

Jan 22, 1987: The CPC Central Committee issues a notice "to deepen the rural reform"

The notice proposed reforming the unified purchasing system and expanding the agricultural products markets. The notice also proposed that China invigorate rural financing, develop production factors markets, improve the double operation, and create a stable household contract responsibility system. The proposal also called for strengthening the building of grassroots organizations and ideological construction, and to build reformed pilot planning areas.