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CPC Taiwan Work Office chief stress stable cross-Straits ties

Wang Yi, the chief of the CPC Taiwan Work Office, has stressed that seeking stable development of cross-Straits ties is the "main theme" in the next stage of relations. Wang Yi made the remarks during a speech at a reception for overseas Chinese and compatriots from the mainland and Taiwan in New York.

Wang Yi says deepening economic cooperation is still the priority for the stable development of cross-Strait relations in the coming period. And continuous and pragmatic efforts will be made to promote institutionalized cross-Strait consultations.

He also called for more people-to-people exchanges in fields such as culture and education which should be enhanced in a healthy and orderly manner.

Wang said the cross-Strait relationship is still facing many unresolved disputes and conflicts as well as new challenges. He said to continuously develop cross-Strait relations, the progressive method of "tackling easy things first, difficult things later; and economic affairs first, political affairs later" will be upheld.

Wang Yi said both sides need to build mutual trust, seek common ground while shelving differences and disputes and strive to create win-win results.

Meanwhile, Wang stressed that opposing the secessionist activities of the "Taiwan independence" forces and sticking with the 1992 Consensus is the basis for building mutual trust.

About 300 overseas Chinese and compatriots from the Chinese mainland and Taiwan attended the reception.

Huang Zhecao said, "Wang Yi mentioned the possibility of the resurgence of the "Taiwan independence" forces in his speech, both sides should raise awareness of the problem. We, the overseas Chinese, especially compatriots from Taiwan, should continue opposing secessionist activities, and speed the unification of the country."

Wang Yi, director of the Taiwan Work Office of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office arrived in New York late Tuesday.