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Heroic figure: Yang Jingyu

PLA Daily 2005-07-20

Heroic figure: Yang Jingyu

Yang Jingyu was born in Queshan County, Henan Province in 1905. In April 1927, he took part in staging the Queshan Peasant Rebellion. In June of the same year, he became a Party member. Yang engaged in underground revolutionary activities in Henan and Northeast China after 1928 and for which, he was arrested and imprisoned for five times and suffered cruel torture, but he remained faithful and unyielding. In April 1934, he teamed up with 17 detachments of anti-Japanese aggression armed forces to establish the General Command of Anti-Japanese Aggression Coalition Forces with him being the commander-in-chief. Later he acted as the commander and political commissar of the First Route Army of the Northeast Anti-Japanese Aggression Coalition Forces.

In January 1940, the enemy mustered more than 40,000 Japanese invaders and puppet troops to conduct frenzied encirclement and suppression against the Northeast Anti-Japanese Aggression Coalition Forces headed by Yang. Due to the great disparity in strength, the coalition forces suffered setbacks in fighting against the enemy's main force in the Mapigu Mountain and Yang lost contact with the troops and only had over 60 men with him. In order to conserve his forces, Yang decided to break through the encirclement in groups.

On the early morning of February 15, Yang and Nie Donghua and Zhu Zhongfan broke through enemy's encirclement, pursuit, obstruction and interception several times and arrived at the forest highland of Mengjiang County. When the two soldiers went to the nearby villages to look for food, the enemies caught up with them. Yang, who caught severe cold at that time, fought against the enemies alone and led the enemies by the nose to circle around in the snow-covered field. At around 16:00 February 23, when Yang reached Sandaowaizi, southwest of Bao'an Village of Mengjiang County, he was surrounded ring upon ring by more than one hundred enemies. Yang shot more than 20 of them with both hands. The enemies fired at Yang wildly when they realized that they could not capture him alive. Yang died a glorious death after being shot several times.

The barbarous enemies cut down Yang's head and cut open his belly for public expose. But even the enemies were shocked by what they saw: Yang, who fought them for several months in the snow-covered field, had not a single grain in his stomach except some undigested bark, grass roots and cotton.