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Jacob Rosenfeld

PLA Daily 2005-08-09

Jacob Rosenfeld

A group photo of Rosenfeld and Liu Shaoqi(left) and Chen Yi(right) taken at the New Fourth Army Headquarters in Yancheng of Jiangsu in May, 1943 

Jacob Rosent, a Jewish Austrian, his former name was Jacob Rosenfeld. He was born in Lambeck, Austria on 11th January 1903, and graduated from the Medical School of Vienna University with a doctorate in general medicine. He joined the Austrian Social Democratic Party when he was young, and was arrested several times for involving in anti-imperialist activities. Later, he was put in concentration camp for opposing Hitler's annexation of Austria. After being imprisoned in the concentration camp for one year, he was sentenced to expel from Austria and never allowed to return to Austria.

In 1939, he came to China and started his arduous struggle together with the Chinese people in the liberation areas for as long as 10 years. He engaged in medical work successively in Central China, Shandon Province and the Northeast Liberated Area, and held senior medical posts in the New Fourth Army, the Eighth Route Army and the Northeast People's Liberation Army. He was also appointed the medical consultant of major military areas and director of the health department of a column. He was the only foreign doctor holding senior military rank of the Chinese regular army. He was also a special member of the Chinese Communist Party.

Soon after new China was founded in 1949, Rosenfeld returned to his motherland---Austria. In 1952, he died of myocardial infarction.

He wrote the book "Austria-China".