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Heroic figure: Chen Hanzhang

PLA Daily

Heroic figure: Chen Hanzhang<BR>

Chen Hanzhang was born in Dunhua County of Jilin Province in 1913. He joined the Communist Party of China in 1933 and acted as chief of staff of No.2 Division of No.5 Corps of the Anti-Japanese Coalition Army of Northeast China in 1935. He then acted as commander of the First Route Army of the No.3 Front Army of the Anti-Japanese Coalition Army of Northeast China in 1939 and was one of the leaders in the later stage of the Coalition Army.

In the second half of 1939, the Crack Guandong Force of the Japanese aggressors staged a large-scale suppression operation aiming at destroying the First Route Army of the Anti-Japanese Coalition Army of Northeast China, landing the Coalition Force in dire difficulties. The dawning of 1940 witnessed a worse situation in Northeast China. In October of the same year, the Party committee of the army made the decision to send more than 100 men from the main force of the No.3 Front Army to break through to the direction of Sanjiang in order to get winter provisions for the troops, and Chen Hanzhang would lead a detachment consisting of more than 60 men to stay in Jingpo Lake area to hold back the enemy.

On the evening of December 6, Chen headed a group consisting of over 20 men to march secretly along Yingbangzi Mountain to Xiaowanwangou to the southeast of Jingpo Lake. On December 8, when they entered Xiaowanwangou, they were besieged by more than 1,000 Japanese aggressors and puppet troops under the guidance of a traitor. Chen directed his men to take cover and to fight fiercely against the enemy. With two hours of fierce fighting, they beat off the attacks of the enemies for four or five times and yet most of Chen's soldiers were killed.

"Give up fighting, Chen Hanzhang! And we will make you a high-ranking official!" the enemy shouted.

"I would rather die than be a slave of a foreign conqueror!" Chen Hanzhang, with a round face, thick eyebrows and sharp eyes, came out from the smoke of gunpowder, lifted his right hand and discharge a clip of ammunition at the traitor who shouted at him and the traitor was killed then and there. The enemies started to charge at him desperately and at any cost. As Chen Hanzhang covered several soldiers to break through to the hillside, he was unfortunately shot by a bullet on his chest, fell to the ground and shed the last drop of blood for the cause of national liberation.

The old generation living at Jingpo Lake sing the praises of him as follows: "Clear is the water in Jingpo Lake, and by it stands a pine tree green and straight; drinking the lake water reminds us of our hero, and at the sight of the green pine will help us to remember Chen Hanzhang our great general."